D2O RECOVERY PROGRAM                  

Some of the benefits of participation in this program include:

  • a credit to your CIL account
  • energy savings
  • reduced dependence on future D2O production

If you currently have D2O that you would like to return for a potential credit, please complete and submit the form below or contact customer service at 1-800-322-1174 (North America) or 1-978-749-8000 (International).   




Title Department
* *
City* State*
Postal Code* Country*
Approximate quantity of D2O to be returned*
Quantity of containers to be returned: *Material that is packaged in multiple small containers must be consolidated prior to return shipment or a consolidation fee will be assessed*


Please indicate here any chemical or biological processes the D2O was used for:



Contains Alcohols:*
Contains Salts:*
Contains HCI and /or HBr:*
Contains Bacteria:*
If Yes, treated w/0.25% bleach – REQUIRED:*

Estimated total organics content:


There is a 40% minimum enrichment requirement to take part in the D2O Recovery Program (please contact us to discuss the review of lower enrichments). Be advised there is a 10 kg minimum; a 25 g sample (from each container) must be sent to CIL for testing prior to return of the entire batch. The return batch must include the contact name, organization, accounting contact person, and the purchase order or account number to be credited. Any returns in excess of 100 kg require written approval prior to shipment. Please do not return any material without prior approval from CIL. After receipt of this form, CIL will contact you for additional discussion.